Where is the love?

Ya know, sometimes, black people just let me down.
This is the silly facebook conversation that was had between me, Jai, and a bunch of other people.

When I saw this status, it just pissed me off.
Most of the time on facebook, I just mind my business and ignore certain status' or comments, BUT this status rubbed me entirely in the wrong way!

I know gay marriage and gay rights is a really hot and sensitive area of discussion, but forreal yall??

Just read!!!
LL I strongly oppose same sex marriage.....its wrong...and its against my personal beliefs....Im not trying to judge anybody becuz thats not me...but if God wanted us to marry /be with the same sex....he wouldve made us all alike...-think about it.

MM at 5:07pm June 3
i thought it was adam and steve lhh^^^

NS at 5:09pm June 3
I say the same...But Life is so twisted and Wisdom is corrupted

CU at 5:13pm June 3
We all couldnt have been alike. Who would iron my clothes and clean my house then?

NN at 5:15pm June 3
I totally..agree with that! I mean I dont judge other people. By all means do what u do. Though its something about two men being together. That just get under my skin. It just aint right. And marriage is meant to be a holy thing.

HR at 5:19pm June 3
Amen. In the beginning He created Adam and to help Adam He created Eve. This was the first marriage. now in the last days things will get worse before they get better. We are living in the new Sodom and Gommorah. The name sodom comes from sodimite which well I don't need to go into detail the name explains itself. Its just the spirit that is in the air. Its not the person but the spirit in them. Its not right according to my Heavenly Father. When the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

SW at 5:21pm June 3
God also intended for people to be married before having sex...but that rule went out the window..no sin is greater than the other..I am not gay, but i feel sorry for people who get treated differently due to their lifestyle

CU at 5:24pm June 3
No Shayla, that rule isnt out the window. Its just overlooked, just as much as going 37 in a speed zone of 35 isnt considered breaking the law...Marriage is something that God says is between a man a woman. However, Lord also told man not to kill. Yet, we support our troops and support the death penalty, support abortion, and we support measures of self defense which means if someone pulls a gun on me, I have the right to shoot them correct? But what happend to Tho shall not kill? Eh... Let God be the Judge

SW at 5:33pm June 3
i understand your point...I just hate when people throw religion into the mix when they never mention God any other time. people dont think about religion when they are cursing, having pre-maritial sex, smoking, drinking, getting tatted up, not going to church, and doing all of these other things. but when an issue that makes people uncomfortable comes up...the first thing out of their mouth is "God made adam and eve....."....

CU at 5:36pm June 3
Tru Tru...

SJ at 6:09pm June 3
Ok shayla i c ur point but Chib point is more accurate to me...think realistic of course no one brings up religion wit every situation becuz we all sin but gay marriages thts just completing wrong and nasty Jesus destroyed a whole town of gays so tht has to outweigh other sins...He expects us to sin hell eve wasnt a super saint herself...but being gay and then to go stand before Him in marriage...thts just total disrespect!we sin but we dont go to church and ask God to accept it we ask Him to forgive us for our sins...if u go get into a gay marrige basically u sayin "God u gone have to deal wit this"....idk tht shit just seem too wrong to me!

LL at 6:10pm June 3
all points well taken

NN at 6:11pm June 3
*That is very true. Many get like that when this topic comes up.

LMo at 6:12pm June 3
i agree with shayla here. I definitely believe that it is unfair to cluster this entire group of people and tell them that their life is wrong. It is unfair, because who are we to judge anyway. Their life isn't ours to live, so I wish people would stop putting them down, and worry about what they(themselves) got goin on. The divorce rate for marriages is so ridiculous nowdays anyway, I swear the straight people aint even doin it right! lol My point is, it isnt our place to say gay marriage is wrong. I don't kno why people feel so affected by this group of people trying to be able to commit to eachother. When did love become a crime?

LL at 6:44pm June 3
Marriage is a holy ceremony concecrated by God..its celebrates the commitment of to people to their faith,religon and God. God speaks against this in the bible in many places....all tho ppl say only God can judge....but ppl have to stop believing that there isnt a different between whats wrong and right....the bible lays out wrong and right CLEARLY....ppl try to change it and use it to their advantage and thats wrong.....The reason our world is in such a bad condition is becuz ppl continue to promote fairness in a unperfect world.....im not puttin down gay ppl ....i jess think its wrong that ppl can get married and disrespect God like that ....according to the bible...he wuldnt approve...

Jai at 8:52pm June 3
If you don't agree with gay marriage, don’t have one.Obviously, marriage cant be that holy because the divorce rate in America is the highest on this planet! (sidenote: the divorce rate in states that allow gay marriage is 20% lower than the rest of the country, lol, wow). And if people really held marriage that high and followed the standard that God put on it, there would no pre-marital sex. (And hell, Britney Spears is over here having a 2 day marriage yet two ppl that unconditionally love each other can’t celebrate that? Por favor.)Not all marriages are religious. Not everyone is Christian and that is why we have SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE and not SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND “uh, well, your sexuality makes me uncomfortable so let me hate on that (even though it doesn’t personally effect me)”.

Jai at 8:54pm June 3
God frowns upon a lot of things that we do everyday like judging, cursing, killing, tattoos etc …) No one is perfect and I think people need to remember that before we start weighing our sins against the next person b/c one sin is not greater than another.If people were this vocal and passionate about the war, where mugs are being KILLED our world would be a lot different but no, mugs are over here tripping over something that doesn’t personally affect them and they are instead HATING ON LOVE.

And the “Adam and Steve” argument has a cute rhyme and everything but you’re gonna have to come with more than that to defend bigotry. lol I just went to a Nazi rally where they said that interracial marriage is wrong because “if God wanted us to mix, then we would all be the same color” well that sounds like the same stuff yall saying.

Jai at 8:55pm June 3
And black people, in my eyes, being homophobic is JUST as bad as being racist/xenophobic. There is NO difference between the two. One happens to deal with race and ethnicity while the other deals with sexuality (which are sadly, prob. the two biggest social defining roles we have and people happen to find the need to judge/try to define it for others the most)

Seriously, half the people on here, no disrespect, are homophobic. And that is very unfortunate that a group of young black people in 2009 are THIS intolerant and judgmental. The fight for marriage equality is the same fight we fought for people of color. Just like there were/are hate crimes aimed at black people, there are hate crimes aimed at homosexuals/transgender. Just like there were free states, there are “ free states” that support marriage equality and those that don’t.

Jai at 8:55pm June 3
The fact that the majority would even think of enforcing their beliefs on the minority in America and in 2000-and- effing -9 is literally insane to me! The minority has always had to fight for their rights in this country because it isn’t the “standard” or it “makes the majority uncomfortable” so I guess it really shouldn’t be that big of surprise huh? (which is kinda comforting b/c I know their fight will be won someday)

SW at 9:07pm June 3
I TOTALLY agree with Jai..

Lmo at 9:13pm June 3
shayla you the new homie!! lol

SJ at 9:19pm June 3

Well im not hatin and everyone would have their opinion everyone sins and no one is perfect and no one will be but i still disagree wit two ppl of the same sex gettin married...id rather c a human married a donkey but im not judgemental becuz im against it thts just my opinion...when did opinions become judgin i mean if two gay ppl were to get married im not go hate them or judge them im just not gone agree with their decision...shayla take yo azz to work!

LL at 9:30pm June 3
well i see ur point jai and im not even homophobic....i dont have a problem with other ppls lifes...its jess that i dont want that to become the ideal couple or norm...if we okaY gaY marriage ...then whats next ....i dont wat to make ga ppl exlusive but more inlclusive ...

Jai at 9:42pm June 3
Homophobia: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals", or individuals perceived to be homosexual; it is also defined as fear or contempt for lesbians and gay men, as well as "behavior based on such a feeling". CHECK.

Judging: to form a judgment or opinion of: decide upon critically. To decide or settle authoritatively. To infer, think, or hold as an opinion. CHECK.
Beastiality: To have sex with a non-human. CHECK?.
So you're pro-beastiality? lol I mean do what you do but ignorant comments like that is why lil kids feel austrisized and feel the need to commit suicide.

Jai at 9:43pm June 3
P.S. You basically just amounted gay people to donkies.Yooooo. Think about that. Coon? Yep.

Jai at 9:46pm June 3
And I feel you Larry but I guess we have to agree to disagree. Peace yall!

LL at 9:46pm June 3
not @ all..that doesnt even make sense

Jai at 9:47pm June 3
What doesnt make sense? Agreeing to disagree? lol

LL at 9:50pm June 3
no ...not@ all...............our enitre arguement is irrelevant to this arguement becuz of what ur basing it from .....uve gone off the deep end.....what u saYin isnt even factual.......

Jaiat 9:55pm June 3
What are you talking about? I need examples. lol That was really vague. Are you talking about the donky thing? Yeah she basically said that she holds beastiality marriage higher than gay marriage. I got h.w. though peace....

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion...so what's yours?
I just thought that convo was really interesting!!

Well PEACE yall (literally!)


  1. I''d rather there be legal beastiality than gay marriage..... WOW! You need to remove idiots from your friends list. LOL

    I love what Jai wrote. Laws that prohibit behavior should be utilized only to protect an individual from themselves or others. These biblical sins have to be left out of the Capitol. I'm astonished at the number of people who want to impose their thoughts and opinions on how the next person should live their private lives but tear Obama to shreds because he wants to revise gun laws. Furthermore, being gay isn't wrong, right? So, how do you then say, it's okay to be gay, but I'm going to punish you for being seriously committed? Makes no sense to me.

  2. Exactly, Dani. It's blows me!

  3. Preach, major respect. I am SO tired of the ignorance spewing out of a lot of people's mouths regarding homophobia especially out of black (males especially) youth. Enough is enough, its just plain embarrassing to the black race. How can you justify homophobia and then try to fight against racism, its one in the same. Smh, some people need major help. Thats one of the reasons I quit facebook, I was tired of seeing people's useless and ignorant status updates.

  4. i dont think its right either, I am a Christian and I believe is disrespect to my religion, my religion says marriage is a vow before God of a man and a woman. Most ppl who want to be married just wants to reap the benefits of being married not knowing the actual meaning behind marriage. you would go to any other country and disrespect thier religion so y disrespect you own countrys..