Bald is the new crazy. part II

I am down right sick of doing these post, lol.

First Cassie then Rihanna and now...

this doe-doe head.

I understand you want to make a statement and everything, but you have to have the face and bone structure to pull this look off and I really don't think Solange does.
*shrugs shoulders

But everyone thinks people like Solange and Rihanna are jocking off of Amber Rose, but Amber Rose is actually jocking off of the chick below (to the left):

MTO claims the model to the left is "swagger jacking" Amber Rose but I know it's the other way around.

She used to be my friend on myspace and she shaved her hair off in like early 2008, if not late 2007 (cause I havent been on myspace is hellas!)

So she's the originator of this new trend, not Amber Rose.
It kinda makes me mad that she's not getting credit for it and is instead being called a "swagger jacker".

P.S. I think ol girl looks better than Amber Rose anyway. lol
P.S.S. Twitter:
@summermce #howdareyou be the first regular bitch to shave the side of your head.


  1. smh...WHY solange look like that?! she got the nappiest situation going on on top of her head! geez