But the kid is not my son.

So according to Papa Joe Jackson, the kid below, Omer, really is MJ's fourth child!

Here is the proof:

I saw something about this last week on ET and I thought,"Dang maybe that is his son."
Omer grew up around MJ and Blanket (MJ's youngest son) and Omer looked just alike when they were little!
Plus, Omer was sitting with the rest of the Jackson family during the memorial.
People were saying that some of the Jacksons didn't want to admit it because Omer would get part of the inheritance.

I don't know dude, this seems like "Billie Jean" all over again except the kid really is his son.

P.S. I wonder, is Omer his biological?
There is just something about Omer that physically reminds me of MJ.
But if so, Omer and Blanket wouldn't be blood related even though they look just alike.
Is that possible? lol

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