Carl Thomas- "Emotional"

So I was talking with LMo and she's like:
LMo: Jai, have you seen Teyana Taylor's Spectacular video?
Jai: No. What video?
LMo: What?! It's old. She made a fake Spectacular video and she is so annoying!
I couldn't even watch it. She just kept repeating, "all the Omarionsssss, all the Chris Brownssssss". It wasnt funny at all! She just urks me.

So like any red-blooded American, I watch it and as my right-hand woman informed me, it was level 9 egregious!

Teyana Taylor falls into that "What the fuck?" category for me.
You wonder:
"What the fuck am I watching this for?"...or better yet
"What the fuck am I doing wrong? If this chick is famous, why aren't my friends and I on the Daily 10 (slot 9-6)?"

Don't get me wrong.
Teyana Taylor can dance her ass off, she's cute as all heck and she has a sick body, but she spends her time creating socially awkward videos and the sad part is, she does it on purpose so that doe-doe's like myself will blog about it.
That Teyana is one sneaky, sly bitch!

But it gets worse because ya girl pulled a Stephon "I didn't take my Midol" Marbury here:

Who: does this?
What: the hell?
When: did this become acceptable?
Where: deydodatat?
Why: is she crying?


P.S. I met her last year and she is hella short and fly.
P.S.S. That's a weave and I was pissed when I found out :(


  1. Ok seriously... what the F is up with all these fools crying in vids. Shit is so agitating. Do that shit under yo sheets when you're about to sleep y'all... *smh

    lol @ you finding out it was a weave and it pissing you off!

  2. haha I mean I cry, you cry, we cry together but damn, mugs are tripping. lol

    And it did!
    I was in love with her hair! lol

  3. omg i DID NOT know that was a weave either...very dissapointed cuz she swear thats her hair. amn. dont nobody wear their own hair anymore lol