Jai "aka" @vivalablackgirl

1)…tell Chris Brown that professional pumpkin shirt was appropriate!
2)…stalk my blog and fb and not make a single comment.
3)…not text me back when I know yo ass is right by the phone!
4)…try to jock my style/vocab and claim it as your own. COPYRIGHT ME HOBO! lol
5)…talk to me on facebook and then not speak to me in public...EGREGIOUS!
6)…stBoldeal my Twitter update and act like Im not gonna see it.
7)…holler at that decent, skinny girl with zero personality JUST cause she's skinny.
8)…charge me a $35 fee on a 3 cent overdraft, Bank of America!
9)…dress like a Cheetah Girl over the age of 16. We are too damn old. lol
10)…try on those outfits when you know we close in 3 minutes.
11)…laugh at what he/she said even though it wasn't funny.
12)…not let me over! You see my blinker, fool.
13)...claim that ur mixed with Puerto Rican just because your hair is a little wavy.
14)...not be black AND proud.
15)...make fun of me for drinking MD 20/20...yes, Mad Dog. lol "They don't call it Gentle Dog for a reason."
16)...tell me Im "not really black" because Im light-skinned with curly hair.
17)... not subscribe to The Clearance Aisle.
18)...fart in a silent room and then try to cover it up with a bunch of coughs. lol
19)...not follow @LMO4.
20)…be in the club with your Bluetooth on.
21)…spell "their" like "there" and "two" like "too"/"to".
22)…be a Republican.
23)…be a black Republican.
24)...have 4 boobs. Get a bra that fits. lol
25)...have the cutest laugh ever and then have the nerve to have a girlfriend.
26) @mrralph_lauren #howdareyou think The Lakers can fuck with Lebron and Shaq. EGREGIOUS! http://tinyurl.com/nwuv5x
27)...not realize your heart is beautiful.
28)...make me get a Twitter. Now Im just fucking addicted. lol

LMo "aka" @LMO4

1)… only call me when you want something....
2)… hate on East St. Louis, but go there when your clubs close!..how YOU doin?! lol
3)…not follow @vivalablackgirl
4)… act like you bow-legged when you not! you know good and well you can stand straight lol. dont play me!
5)…hate on bow-legged people!! Bow-Bow's stand up!! lmao
6)…run to the store for me and keep my change...nigga its a recession! lol
7)… steal that cart from the grocery store and leave it under the stairs at your apt lmao (@FlyestArtist)
8)…think yo breath dont stank just cuz you cute....uh gum anyone lol
9)...JUST get on Drake this year but think you on!
10)…go to a Pretty/Nasty party and be the nastiest one in there!!!!
11)…not be in love with @SongzYuuup .....male or female!! lmao
12)…take me seriously when im just joking...geez! lol
13)…wear those skinny jeans...this aint California!
14)…not text me back, when you JUST responded 5 minutes ago!
15)… give me constant daydreams ;)
16)…not get it how you live!

P.S. As you can see, we went in! lol
I just got a Twitter and the #howdareyou's are half of my updates.


  1. I love this post!!!!
    i am guilty of stalking your blog and not commenting but as of today i will comment your posts!!!
    Keep em commingggg :)

  2. im guilty to, lol i love ya'lls blog though keep it up

  3. Thanks Iman and Ja(aka Mr.PB&J time, lol)!

    Yes, comment!
    I was getting all discouraged for a second,lol but Im glad yall like it.

  4. Strongly considering a copy and paste... I can't get people to comment unless I'm talking about race related issues.... re-DUNK-u-lous! lol

    Stay encouraged.

  5. ChallahBack8/2/09, 4:34 PM

    OMG L.Mo # 9 is the shit if i see one more Drake facebook update from the same niggas that not a year ago talking 'bout Drake .. you mean that ninja with eybrows that got shot on the n i will scream

  6. haha thank you ChallahBack!
    Nigga, go download "Room for Improvement" or ATLEAST "Comeback Season" and come see me. lol