I got shit to do.

1. A.Samp's "To do" list:
So we are playing Guitar Hero, I look over on the floor and see that little jewel of a "to do" list.
I don't know why, but this got me so weak!
I think that lil "be Chinese" face did me in. lol
Highly entertaining.

Oh and A.Samp, this is the kinda shit you hang on the wall, not prop on the floor like you're ashamed of it.
Be proud brotha, be proud...

2. LMo's "To do" list:
I thought I was being all slick and clever by writing in the first task (btw, my real name is Jessica, but everyone calls me "Jai") and then I come back a few weeks later and the bitch beat me at my own game!

Both tender and egregious!
lmao, so classic.

P.S. Go to that niggy A.Samp's blog.
Niggy knows good music and supposedly he's "right"?


  1. Stew and I are fuckin rockin to this joint right now. [no bruno] Chi-town AND a.samp are always right. ARRRIIIIITEEEEE!!

  2. What does that mean, "rockin"?
    Im hella curious. lol