I just wanna be successful.

So if you didn't know, I intern at v-103 in ATL (which is ATL's #1 radio station and ranks #8 in the world according to JP).

Yesterday, the station threw a huge event, The 6th Annual Car and Bike Show, and it was a success!

Tons of people came out and so did tons of performers and guests.

Somehow on the second day on the job, I ended up getting "stuck" with the task of getting the celebs from their cars and showing them to their rooms.

Sucks for me. lol

This is who I got to meet yesterday:
*Mario (this man can REALLY sing, watched his soundcheck)
*The Dream
*Christina Milian
*Jeremih (hella down-to-earth, cute and tall)
*Young Dro (deep ace voice and smells good)
*Big Boi (yeah, from Outkast, love this guy)
*GS Boyz
*Yung Joc
*Jazze Pha
*Chilli (from TLC, yes my Babyhair Queen since I was 7 yrs. old)
*Busta Rhymes
*Rocko (nice as hell)
*Monica (hella cool and very pretty)
*Sean Garrett
*Sheree, Kim and Kandi (from the ATL Housewives, Sheree said she loved my hair, lol)
*Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mom, who kept dancing on stage when The Dream performed, lol)
*Bobby Valentino
and last but NOT least.....
*Trey Songz (aka the only person I was really excited to meet who is taller than expected but just as sexy)

Everyone was so cool and down-to-earth!

I never thought celebs were untouchables, but being around a gang of them made me completely realize that they are normal human beings.

It was a hectic 12-hours but it was so fun and everyone from the station is dope!
I got to talk to alot of cool people and did I mention that Trey Songz' DJ was trying to put a ring on it?

I couldn't take alot of pics like I usually do (because I was there to work) but I did get a dope picture of Trey Songz and some awesome backstage video of him hitting the stage.

It was great and stuff like getting this internship and meeting all these people makes me continue to wonder...
"Why does God bless me and my family so much, out of all the people in the world?"
God is good, and I thank Him everyday for the amazing blessings He puts in my life.

I am going to work my butt off at this station cause I'm trying to make an impression and as Trey would say,"I just wanna be successful."

YUP! (lookin' ace)

P.S. Pics and video will be up soon!

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