Was it just me?

So of course everyone watched Michael Jackson's memorial service.
It was the saddest thing that's been on TV in a while :(

I promise when his daughter spoke, it was a motha flippin wrap!
I was drowned in tears.
But that's not the point of this post.

Uh, I know it might not have been under the right circumstances, but their was ONE part of the show that made me bust out laughing!

I felt so bad but the goof in me wouldn't allow me to pass that laugh up! lol

Do you all recall how at the end of the show, there was like a medley of people singing "Heal the World"?

Well, there was a special someone singing that made me a little scared. lol

This man:

Please just watch it for yourself at min. 1:05 (if for some reason you didn't see the memorial)

Needless to say, I was a little distracted. lol

Now that I'm done being ignorant, R.I.P. MJ, and lets get back to our regularly scheduled programming

Luv ya,


  1. You should be ashamed (sigh). lol... Kabloom? BTW, I still need to watch it (cringe).

  2. Thank goodness,l'm not the only one that saw that.
    I died laughing from his face.

  3. LMAO! I noticed that guy too. He looked pretty suprised through the whole thing.

  4. omg! thank God! lol because I was looking at the screen with the MOST confused face in life lol. And yea Chips, surprised is an understatement. lol

    p.s. Cierra dont do me! lol and you do really need to watch it, it was nice :)

  5. Helll Yeaaa I Remember Him, Face Only A Mother Could Love Looking Dude....I Remember Watching The Show With My Cousin And When He Started Singing She Asked "Is He Related To The Jacksons?" I Told Her QUICKLY Not To Disrespect Michael Like That.....Yuck.