Dim your eyes and spread your bottom lip.

I was watching Wendy Williams the other night, and it had me cracking up.

She had Jimmy Fallon on the show and they were talking about when she taught him how to say "how you doin?"

This is the clip of them on her show:

And this is the original "how you doin?" lesson:
(skip to 3:25 to get right to it)

Does Jimmy not look/sound hilarious?
I love him for this :)

And I like Wendy too, she's ridiculous (in a good way, lol)
I never really followed her or listened to her radio show, but she kinda tickles me.
I'm definitely gonna try to catch her show on BET when I can.

P.S. She is also super tall. who knew?


1 comment:

  1. I love it!
    Jimmy Fallon is such a cute, sweet heart and I like Wendy Williams too!
    "Ghost of Wendy Williams." lol