Music Mondays. 7.27.09

1) Twista ft. Kanye West "Alright"
I love to hear these two Ill-a-noise (yeah, I just spelled it like that. Don't judge me fool! ha) boys get together.
They always make good music and I love Ye's verse.
"I make that bitch Katrina."
Oh, and how can you wrong when you sample Three 6?
Junior high nostalgia anyone? :)

2) Wiz Khalifa "Soulmate"
I love this effing song!
Probably my favorite off of "Flight School".
It gives me that Kanye "Heard em say" vibe for some reason, which is lovely.
I promise, I will date a boy who plays the guitar or bass just to have "If he was a guitar I'd treat em like a solo." as my Twitter or Facebook update. lol
"And you don't remember cause you weren't even there, but your soul was. " is just beautiful to me. mmm.


Fabolous ft. Drake "Throw it in the Bag remix"

This song is so addicting!
Better than the original.


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