Please don't stop the music.

I am in music hell, officially.

Usually, I am on my music grind.
I was the one who put people on new ish.
I was light years ahead of the rest.
But not anymore.

My stupid computer hasn't let me listen to music on the internet since 2008!
I was pissed, but atleast I had other computers at home to discover SOME new bands/songs.
But now Im in ATL and my aunt's speakers are effed up, therefore I have no options!

I can only listen to my old ass iPod playlists and the radio for so long.
I don't even feel American if I haven't discovered atleast one new band or downloaded a dope mixtape on a weekly basis.

So, what music do I need in my life?
Please save me.

P.S. I listen to everything, honestly.

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