Rant alert on aisle two.

Dear shoppers of The Clearance Aisle,

We are officially fed up with niggas and nigga females. lol
We are just sick of the newcomers who try to act like they have been on game.
We cannot stand how mugs recognize something only when it has been approved by someone who they deem as "cool".

Where is your originality?

We aren't saying that we are so "on game" with everything and that we all the coolest kids on the block, but you will NEVER be able to say that we like something or someone just to fit in.
Never have, never will.

Our niggy Wiz Khalifa is coming to STL and alot of people don't know about him, which is understandable, but don't act like you have been bumping his mixtape for than a few days.

Were just sick of this fronting behavior.
The same thing happened with Drake.
You had no idea who he was before he started effing with Wayne, yet people want to act like they have been on him since "Room for Improvement".

All in all, the fakeness and unoriginal followers really steams our clams.

As Wiz would say,"Take yo ashy ass to class!" lol

and LMo

P.S. Aisle two represents the two middle fingers to your dome, bitch!
Okaaaaayyyy! lol




  2. whenever some1 rant about drake i come in wit my 2 cents too lol.... I HATEEEEEE how everybody jumped on him point blank... makes me sick.. jus cuz wayne shouts him out I SWEAR, this subject irks the hell outta me, ppl wanna argue tellin me he aint been doin it since room for improvement.. then WHY THEE HELL do i got the mixtape wit the mo-fo day that i downloaded it written on the cd.. damn... but I'm like that too... wit everything.. you look thru my itunes.. hella people thats not main stream & people wanna hate.. i dont care.. i like what i like no matter how many other people do.... GOSH i hate this topic gets me 2 excited.. i got more i could say but i'll stop lol

  3. See the whole Drake buzz is getting kinda old to me because I'm from Canada and we've been knowing about Drake ... But for him to get such recognition now by artists like Lil wayne and other Americans is really cool because not very many Canadian artists make it big in the US. To the ones that are just now jumping on the Drake band wagon now.... YOUR LATE.

    ps: your blog is now being added to my bookmarks :)

  4. lmao B.Ridge!
    I feel like you are we and we are you. lol
    Drake been killing since "Room for Improvement"!
    Me and Lmo actually like "Comeback Season" better than "So Far Gone"
    But yeah niggas were so late and most will only catch on once someone "cool" co-signs for them.

  5. And yeah Iman mugs that jumped on him in 2008 were late. lol

    I first knew about his music in 2004 b/c of that DeGrassi special(yes, I was a DeGrassi head, lol) And Ive been following his music ever since.

    Here is the video:

    But I dont know about Drake anymore.
    His music is consistant and good but there is something that is turning me off about him and I cant figure out what that is.

    Besides J.Cole is getting in his ass, Drake better watch out. lol

  6. YUP! i agree wit that comeback season bein better.. when i first listend to so far gone i wasnt really THAT excited.. its good, but i was in love wit comeback... I moved from st. louis 2 cleveland like 2 months ago & they bump so far gone ALLLL day its gettin on my nerves lol &&&& these ppl swear they the 1st ppl 2 hear bout drake soooooooo annoyin.. yall knew bout him b4 i did (wasnt on him back in '04) lol... but still... & im kinda feelin like yall im fadin a lil bit on drake.. i still like him.. but its jus somethin different bout him, im still tryna figure out 2

  7. Yep, exactly B.Ridge!
    And Lmo and I have been trying to figure it out, when we do, Im def. gonna write something about it.

  8. Haha see back in 04 I was in the 8th grade and I thought DeGrassi was the most legit teen show everrrr. But not so much anymore the new cast is wack. Hazel and Jimmy were by far my fav couple on the show. I first heard Drake rap on the show but didnt think anything of it then I heard him on the radio with The City is Mine and Replacement Girl from then on i've been some what following his career.Btw: i think So Far Gone had to many featurings and not enough Drizzy.

  9. Yeah I was addicted to DeGrassi!
    You couldnt tell me nothing! lol
    I cant stand to watch it now cause the last like 2 years have sucked with the new cast.
    But I really loved Emma and Sean and of course the craziness of Craig and Manny cause that holiday episode was like my favorite!

    And Drake's g-ma in that "DeGrassi cribs" cracked me up!
    "Ooooooh kay kay kay!"