Solange responds.

You either did something good or something bad to become a trending topic on Twitter and I'm thinking Solange falls under the "bad category". lol

What did she expect though?

But here are some of my favorite Tweets about Solange so far:
@summermce Solange looks like she wears the #91 jersey in Houston.
@summermce Solange looks like Terrence J.
@summermce Solange looks like she's next in the barber chair.
@Mr_Idol #Solange head look like a hairy calf muscle!
@lilduval Solange round here looking like Reggie Miller wit that "wheelchair Jimmy" tape line up.

P.S If you weren't a DeGrassi head when you were younger like myself, then you probably don't know what a "wheelchair Jimmy" tape line is, follow the link. lmao.

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