Let me just throw this out there:
I fucking hate Sprint!

I don't even have a Sprint phone, I eff with Verizon, yet a special place in my heart is now dedicated to the hatred of Sprint from this day forward.

I have been on the phone with these doe-doe heads for over an hour trying to get one simple question answered regarding a simple rebate packing slip.
I had to talk to three different people yesterday and I am now on to my third person today!

And now, this negro (btw, he's not even black, I just had to call him a "negro" for dramatic angry effect) that I'm on the phone with is a bastard and he's trying to catch an attitude!

I'm doing my best NOT to reveal the East St.Louis, IL in me and get all "angry black woman" on him, but he is testing me *insert New Orleans accent* and baaabey, I ain't never been a good test taker!

Man, I'm so happy I have Verizon because they actually have decent customer service.


P.S. I can't believe I was actually able to make a post. My aunt's computer is a hoe and has every CTD (computer transmitted disease) under the sun. lol

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