Step away from the computer.

Just watch this madness.

There are so many things wrong with this video:
1) His friend just seems like an asshole.
Stephon is over here crying, on live broadcast mind you, and all you do his off-pitch sing and graze his shoulder?
As far as Im concerned, you don't need enemies when you have friends like him. ha.
2) You didn't have to broadcast that, brotha.
Yes, it was live, but dang niggy, some things you leave behind the scenes.
3) Why did he start crying?
Seriously, someone find out for me. lol

P.S. Lil Duval's response! wow.


  1. 1. What's up with these niggas all shirtless and shit...
    2. Why the hell they be crying and doing dumb shit in front of the screen, like c'mon ... you grown!!!

    Is all of this shit necessary... lol

  2. No, it is HIGHLY unnecessary. lol
    Why negros, WHY?! smh.

  3. BTW... my boy just sent me a link to another vid that was up on world star hip hop... dude was singing and dancing with facial cleanser on. SMDH
    Again... why are these vids being broadcasted, lol. He should never step foot on the ball court again.

  4. I LITERALLY just covered my mouth when I read,"singing and dancing with facial cleanser on."

    What the hell negro?
    I gos-ta find it! lol