TBC: Drop Dead Fred

Universal is about to remake that 90s childhood classic, "Drop Dead Fred".

The re-make is going to have a more "Bettlejuice" feel than the original and it's going to be written by Dennis McNicholas (writer for "Land of the Lost").

And guess who is going to play Fred?

Yes, Russel Brand.
He may be an annoying Englishman, but Fred was too, so it's kinda perfect.

They haven't cast anyone as Lizzy, but Camilla Belle would be a decent choice, no?

I really don't know how I feel about this though.
The original isn't even that old.

It came out in 91'; maybe they should let it "simmer" for a little while longer.
But then again, it would be kind of perfect for it to come out in the near future for the 80s babies.
I was like 5 or 6 when I first saw this movie and "Drop Dead Fred" is all about growing up and that's exactly where I am right now, in that "growing up" transition of my life.
So the late 80s babies like myself, get to see it from the perspective of little Lizzy and adult Lizzy.
It's like the movie followed us into adulthood or something.

All I know is, they better do the original justice and have a hell of director on this project or I'm going to be flicking snot at the screen (you would only understand that if you've seen DDF,lol)

As Fred would say:
"No panties! No panties!"
"Look, you've got you now. You don't need me."

P.S. Leslie, isn't this movie synonymous with Tennessee when we were like 5 years old?
Yep. This movie, that dope yogurt with the sprinkles, that red bathtub, tulips and you, on your monkey agenda, climbing that tree and then falling out of that tree as you scream. lol

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