This ain't no beef man.

This entire thing is egregious!
Watch until the very end!

My niggy Brandon always has me watch these, but this has to be the best one!

1. Wayne's congested ass
2. Trey's unnecessary ass
3. Drake's hoodie + bubble vest combo
- I know that nigga be hot as hell!
- When Drake was in STL, we were gonna have my brother walk around with a bubblevest and confuse ppl at the venue for amusement.
4. Negro Rugrats
5. The challenge!

P.S. Why are mugs always talking about "wheelchair Jimmy"?
I thought I was one of few American negros that actually paid attention to DeGrassi. lol


  1. that was motha freaking heeee-----larious! i am learning that rap and performing it at my every day whim. also that nigga trey came from under the car..then went back. COMEDY. and while i was still laughing at him, they gon hit me wit piano wayne?! im so done lol

  2. Leslie! I told yo ass this was the best one! LMAO!
    Trey was NOT needed in this video whatsoever yet his presence was so powerful. lol

  3. BTW, Wayne is extraterrestrian! lmao
    And why are these raps doper than half these rappers out here? haha