Cool. OFF.

So I always make up songs while I'm driving or while doing other random ish.
They are usually dope with a good melody and everything, but the kicker is, I can't remember anything that I create.
(Sidenote: Invest in a recorder.)
So about a month ago, I'm driving from Decatur back to College Park and I'm listening to the radio when the dreaded "Five Star Chick" comes on.
I dont know why, but it really pissed me off that people listen to and truly believe that shit. lol
While the song was on, I started speaking this poem aloud and when I got home I actually remembered it for once and wrote it down.

I really admire poets and songwriters for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, but it's wierd for me.
I hate being all "open" with stuff that I write and it's a major step for me to post this up here so please follow these directions.

Step 1: Don't judge me.
Step 2: Don't judge me.

Step 3: Don't judge me.

[Update]: Don't jealous me.
(inside joke) lol


  1. you said, "don't judge me" but i would just like to give you kudos. i feel this.


  2. Thanks girl!
    I really appreciate that. :)

  3. Step 3 definitely should have been "Don't jealous me."

    I'm just sayin...

  4. Yeah, it REALLY should have. lol

  5. that shit is DOPE! AND you put some personal stuff on the blog... ahh shit, cyber high five!.. BUT on some nigga shit, i am not going to look at any women's face if they are showing cleavage. that's expecting too much! haha

  6. Thanks sir!
    Internet high five it is! lol
    Yeah, Im not gonna lie, if some large-and-in-charge gazumbas are in my face Im gonna look too. haha
    (Man, I be sounded like a lesbian all the time, lol)

  7. haha... don't worry about it ... i stay saying homo stuff, you already know! AND my mom is says gazumbas all the time! hahahaaaaa... hella weird, she is the only person in the world that i have ever heard say that!

  8. That's no coincidence; it's because I AM your mom Nichols.
    *insert evil laugh here

    P.S. Heha