I can make the ass drop.

Good soundtrack x P-Rod x superb cameos
Fuck the "Hyperize" commercial, this is where it's at.

P.S. I have had THE biggest crush on P-Rod since I saw his Firsthand.
Besides being a dope skater and sexy as hell, he always has this pleasant look on his face and his hair is adorable. lol
And do you know who his dad is? This guy.
I know, I couldn't believe it at first either, but they do look just alike.


  1. Tight commercial just kinda upset they tried to act like Kobe was actually in the commercial.....Check his back foot when P-Rod hits the steps

    Great song use in the commercial either way

  2. Kobe was in the commercial!
    See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fbrig7QRL4Y

  3. i love this commercial!.. i broke my little brothers skateboard trying to be cool a couple months back. had to pay like 150 to get him a whole new board... damn!


  4. Gah damn!
    150? That sounds like a down payment on an automobile to me, brotha. lol

    Naw, I tried skating back in highschool.
    It was fun as hell for a summer thing but didnt work out.
    I can paint the hell out of some decks though. lol

  5. He is the epitome of fine... mmmMmm mmmMm good! lol

  6. Si! He is HELLA fine!