Inquiring minds want to know.

So I'm chilling at work, browsing through Yahoo answers a few days back and I find the most random question ever about St.Louis:

"Primarily African Americans. Does anyone know what this means?"
"...in the late evening."

Really lady?
(and I call the questioner a "lady" because you know it's a 47 year old white woman who asked that question)

I say everyone answers her with the most egregious responses just to confuse the ish out of her. lol

P.S. I also just found her answering someone's question,"Whats it like in St.Louis?" and part of her response was "For some reason, everyone.... and i mean everyone was wearing a white t-shirt. We all thought it was some gang thing, but then found out it was because of the heat."

This shit is so funny to me for some reason!
I love the internet. :)


  1. Funny shit. Should someone tell her that a few of them are probably d-boys?

    P.S. You forgot to place a link to the question! Please add it. This way future readers won't have to google it. URL is to long to type and copy-paste is disabled, otherwise I would've done it.

  2. As Michelle Tanner would say, "You got it dude!" lol