I'm a king, check mate.

So if you're not up U-N-I by now, you are honestly bugging.
They have been putting out quality music for years now and are one of the few groups that give me hope for West Coast hip-hop. lol

Anyway, they finally dropped the "Land of the Kings" video!

Here is the making:

And I present...

Fetching video, no?
I love it!
Reminds me of a hip-hop version of the MGMT "Electric Feel" video except, cooler. lol

If you're not familiar with U-N-I, go ahead and introduce yourself cause like the song goes, "Gotta be dead stupid to sleep on this."

Download these:
A Love Supreme
Before There Was Love


  1. ive been knooooocked out then!! lol.. i never heard of them and im from the west-coast smh. thx 4 putting me UP!

  2. lol No problem girl, that's what Im here for. haha