Music Mondays. 7.31.09

1) Kings of Leon-"McFearless"
"McFearless" is off KOL's third album "Because of the Times" which dropped back in 2007.
This is one of my favorite KOL tracks and the live version is equally sick.
Man, Caleb has one of the sexiest voices Ive ever heard.
If I could procreate with his voice, I would.
We would have some sexy ass half black/half voicebox babies. lol
I need to get my money right so I can see them live in STL next month.

2) J.Cole-"Back to the Topic freestyle"
As J.Cole continues to be a major problem....

3) Mickey Factz "It's Ok"
This beat is refreshing and who doesn't appreciate hip-hop that speaks on real life?
"Look into your heart, that's where it all starts..."

4) Rhymefest feat. Lady Bug "Binary Code"


1) Jay-Z ft. Kanye-"Hate"



  1. Oh. My. Lord.
    You got me with McFearless, girl. I was literally JUST listening to that! That song is unexplainable, I just love it. KoL is just a hell of a damned band, I'm trying to see 'em live too. They playing at Austin City Limits in Oct. and I'm mentally shooting myself in the face twice for not getting tickets before it sold the fuck out.
    J. Cole?? You already know, lol. His verse on "A Star Is Born" is sick too.
    And the "Hate" track is beyond nice.

  2. LOL That's hella weird.
    KOL is the shit and Caleb could get it. lol
    Southern rock at it's best man.

    And Ye, KILLED "Hate"!
    I just keep rewinding his second verse.
    "Empire State of Mind" is another dope leak from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys you should check out.