Music Mondays. 8.17.09

In addition to Private's "Secret Lover" remix below this post, I got these songs fa'ya.

1) 311 "Love Song"
One of my top 5 favorite songs of all time.
Shout out to Stewy and Samp for loving this song as much as I do.
As sappy as it may be, to all my ATL homies..."However far away I will always love you..."

2) Panama "Make It Last"

When MTV2 featured this guy back in late 08 and instantly loved his steez and flow.
I randomly thought of him and it turns out he finally released a video in July.


1) Rich Kids "My Patna Dem"
This was our soundtrack to ATL. So crunk, I love it.

2) Ludacris ft. Lil Scrappy "My Patna Dem" remix


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