Music Mondays. 8.3.09

I have so much good music for you this delightful Monday!
In fact, I have so much that LMo said my songs are enough for the both of us so let's get started...

1. Fly.Union "Getchu There"
I downloaded this last Tuesday and I could hardly wait to post this up here!
These niggies out of Columbus,Ohio are simply egregious!
When I first heard this song, I had the uglist face and my head damn near fell off thanks to my vigorous neck-bopping. lol
Fire ass beat + enough quotable one liners for your "I'm the shit" type Facebook/Twitter statuses for 2 weeks straight. lol
I'm doing an entire post about these slept on guys, they are just that damn good.

2. XV Ft. Big Sean - "Life vs. Livin"
If you pay any attention to the playlist on this blog, you've probably heard this song a few times in the last week.
More niggies out of the mid-West on this track.
XV(sick Kentucky boy who's mixtape dropped last week) and of course Big Sean(Detroit boy signed with Ye) are killing this track.
Plus I wanted to throw some Big Sean up here but was filling "Getcha Some".

3. J.Cole "Last Call"
Drake is tough and everything, but J.Cole is the future of hip-hop in opinion.
I take personal offense to the fact that this youtube video only has a few thousand hits, yet a video titled "Soulja Boy Got A Hella Pimple On His Face!" has over 2 million hits.
Egregious to say the least.
Watch out for LMo's upcoming post about this dude.

4. Minus the Bear "Pachuca Sunrise"
I used to be kinda addicted to this song my first year in college. lol
Minus the Bear always has that unique, chill, beach vibe and their lyrics are lovely.

5. Clipse feat. Keri Hilson "All Eyes On Me"
Last but not least, something to shake your ass to.
I tried to do my best all week to wait to unleash this lil diddy, but as you can see beneath this post, I was unsuccessful. lol



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