A musical hate crime.

Drake ft. Kanye, Wayne, and Em-"Forever" remix

Since youtube is gonna take the track down in a second anyway, I'll just give you the link to download it.

Now I need to take my ass to class, Bueller...

P.S. Can Wayne's egregious ass go one bar without mentioning anything martian and/or outerspace related?!
Someone needs to quickly give him this patch cause damn homie...
(in highschool he was the man homie)

P.P.S. I call this "A musical hate crime" because Em just killed every negro on the track. lol
Kanye spit the second best verse in my opinion, but what do you expect?
Em and Ye are both from the mid-West.


  1. to your p.s., thank you!! i said the same damn thing, lol.
    and to your p.p.s., that's an interesting way to put it lol, but em did murder 'em.

  2. lol Wayne needs to step his game up.
    I know he's sick of Drake killing him on EVERY track.
    And yes, interesting....lol