No comment.

Don't you hate when you show another blog love, but they never show you love back?
Like when you constantly comment on their posts but they never respond to that shit?
(especially when you know that they read them)

I surely do.

I try to respond to every single comment that yall make on The Clearance Aisle.
It's the least I can do to show that I truly appreciate our "customers" (because I really do).

As far as I'm concerned, blogs aren't intended to be a one way thing.
It's a two way conversation and that's why I encourage yall to comment.

I want the customer satisfaction to be high on The Clearance Aisle so if there's anything we can do or if you want us to touch on a certain subject, let us know.
Because the customer is always right, right?

P.S. If we at The Clearance Aisle start slacking, hit us when one of these, lol:

P.P.S. We want to hear from yall, seriously. lol
So if yall have questions, suggestions or otherwise, just leave a comment or reach LMo and I by clicking on our photos to the right.


  1. *rolls out red carpet*
    *stanky legs down it*
    Here's your comment I can see your point so i will try to comment more when i vist, I don't know how I ended up here but I'm glad I came you guys are hilarious.

  2. hey where did my comment go ... oh well keep doing what you guys do because it's hilarious I like the ketchup pic

  3. Mannnn you jawns ain't bringin no SPEARS though...

  4. Keyonkerz:
    lol I am ACTUALLY picturing you doing the stanky leg down a red carpet.
    Oh imagination... haha
    And thanks! Do you have a blog?

    P.S. Comments dont show up right away cause I have to approve them, otherwise I'd be a mad woman trying to find yalls (Is that a word? lol) comments.

  5. Asamp:
    wtf is a "jawn"? lol
    I feel like that's the last word I need to comprehend in order to be at one with the (-_-).

  6. Oh yeah and

  7. Uhm both of you are bad bitches with dope mindsets..that's all i wanted to say :) xxoxo

  8. Awww thank you SO much Camtien!
    "Dope mindsets" is THE greatest compliment man...

  9. Omg Camtien..that mad my heart flutter! lol Thanks so much.

    Keyonkerz: I def imagined you stanky legging down a red carpet..that was mad funny lol