Track 11-"Question Existing"

If you are a reader of The Clearance Aisle, you are well aware that Leslie and I are NOT Rihanna enthusiast.

I think it all really started last summer when we attended the Glow in the Dark tour.

We were 5th row, hella close to the stage and the show was unbelievable, except…
Rihanna performed and she basically sucked.

It left us wondering,“Uh, why is she famous again?

Rihanna is not like a Beyonce.
It’s damn near impossible to hate on Beyonce because she is booku talented, regardless of the fact that she acts like an awkward fembot during interview sometimes.
It’s also hard to hate on someone like T-Pain.
He may not be the greatest singer, but he just seems like a great person.
His work ethic and personality make you stay on his side regardless.
But with Rihanna, there is nothing there.
She is a mediocre singer and dancer, which makes her a mediocre performer, who happens to have a dope production team to back her musically.
She doesn’t come off as having the greatest personality in the world and her sense of humor seems like that those crunchy Cheetos you accidentally left out, cheesy and stale.

Oh yes, but I do recall one thing she has…
A damn stylist!
(yeah, an entire glam squad including hair, make-up and wardrobe 24/7 that makes her look fabolous everyday)

Seriously, would people be stunting on Rihanna if she were still in her “Pon de Replay” days?
As Michael Kyle from “My Wife and Kids” would say, Uh, neh.” lol

Leslie and I (and damn near all of our female companions) are always posing this…
Question: “Man, if we had money like that and someone doing our hair and make-up, do you know how effing fly we would be?”
Answer: Hella fly.

I think the money made Rihanna.
It was not and is not her talent because there are a ton of girls that can do what she does.
And as Erica would say, she jocked Kelis' hair anyway. lol

The transformation!
Yeah she was a cute girl before, but come on now...



P.S. What the hell happens to all her clothes after she wears them?
I wonder if people just give them to her so she can be seen in them and then she gives them right back.

P.P.S. Call me a "hater" if you please, but I just think the real fly fashionistas like Kesh, Jasmin Rodriguez and Karla should be giving the glow and the glo-rey. They are real women with real, insane style.

P.P.P.S. I started writing this post back in May, but I was just waiting for something to trigger me posting it. Well I was triggered alright. Someone just called her the "black Madonna" and I almost molly-whopped them on the top of their head. lol


  1. o-my-g! i think you stole the words from my mouth...STYLIST!

  2. Girl I cant stand it!
    Rihanna is not a fashionista, her stylist is.
    And then the fact that she dated Shia LeBeouf got me mad anyway. lol

  3. I am definitely gonna have to agree with you on this one. I have been sayin this since i saw her live back in like 06. I have never thought that she has had much talent, cuz last i checked wearin $20000 outfits wasn't much of one. Shes better off as an amber rose type. Seen not heard. (that sounds mean but, you get my point right? lol)

  4. co-sign EVERYTHING. including Chips' comment, lol. y'all are the only people, it seems, that share my.... opinion on this matter. everybody i know and discuss this with insists that i'm just a hater. but there's just something about that female... if she's even that. my sister and i have gone into extensive debates about whether she's even human. she-bot? i think so. YEAH, I SAID IT. lol

  5. Chips, I feel you cuz! lol
    Wearing fire outfits is her best talent...
    But you got me wondering, who do I like more, Rihanna or Amber Rose?
    Im thinking Amber Rose on this one. lol

  6. And Foxxy I know!
    That's why Im like I dont care if yall call me a "hater", it's just my opinion.
    And it would be better if she came off as being hella cool and down-to-earth like Keri Hilson(who I love!) but she's not so...
    And "she-bot"? hahaha
    You and your sister should hang out with me and LMo. That sounds like some ish we would talk about. lol

  7. I swear I had this conversation with Terrence a month ago. However, I said she has TWO things. In addition to her stylist, she has a "swag coach." Didn't know they were around for hire until post the "pon de replay" Rihanna appeared. lol

    P.S. Did you say molly-whop?

    P.P.S I'm waiting for the Christina Milian and Dream post... Does anyone else think they're reminiscent of Diana Ross and Barry Gordy? Think about it. Two words... Spotlight and Records. SPOTLIGHT and RECORDS! lol

  8. I dont Cierra, I dont know you couldnt have swag when youre dressed like that. lol
    But I was watching "Run This Town" and she was SO boring to me.
    Her swag must be in deplete-mode. lol

    And yes, I did say "molly-whop". lol

  9. omg thank you girl for the compliment! I love your blog and linked yours to mine!


  10. I'm a little late but I love y'all for this post. I swear its like you eavesdropped on my conversation.

    Thank you. You officially have a new reader.

  11. owwwww! lol
    I think 75% of black American women feel the way we do. lol