And the Twitter Award goes to...

Okay, so as we all know, the VMA's went HAM this year!
From the Michael Jackson dedication to Kanye jealouuusing Taylor Swift and then Beyone un-jealouuusing Talor Swift and the many other moments, it was just wild!

But I am positive that the hilarity on Twitter made it so much better, therefore here are the highlights of the VMAs, Twitter style...

Michael Jackson:
@ChelSiFAB -I have CHILLS already... BET should be embarrassed!!
@mrralph_lauren -MTV just shitted on BET that fast... Lmao #damnshame hahaha
@TheThinkStew -I'm waiting for Mike to just pop outta thin air and just kill it so I can die happy lol.
@vivalablackgirl -The VMAs are doing what the BET Awards couldnt, give a proper dedication to the King.
@CierraObioha -Did anyone else shed a tear at Janet's performance?

Russel Brand:
@NicholsAccomp -Delicious trousers will be used by me repeatedly throughout the next week! Guaranteed...
@CierraObioha -#VMA There should be a 2-min playback 4 host Russell Brand. lol
@lilduval -I believe russell brand has to have a yeast infection wit them pants being so tight.
@vivalablackgirl -Damn, Russel Brand just jealouused Lil Wayne' penis on national television. lol #wrapitup
@GramercyMe -I would much rather see that old man from the bet awards with the hour half speech than russel brand host anything ever again

Taylor Swift:
@ChelSiFAB -WHHHHAAATTTT?!??!?!!?!?!?!? Ok. The awards just went downhill. Taylor Swift is cool, but over Single Ladies?? smh
@CierraObioha -OMG! OMG! I promise I was yelling in slow motion "KAAAAAAAANYE!!! Nooooooooohhhh" LMAO
@mrralph_lauren -Niggas will be niggas... Lmao you can't take the BET out the nigga lmao
@rach_eLLe -What would donda say? smh.
@vivalablackgirl -Taylor Swift = greatest jealouuus moment of 2009.
@NicholsAccomp -Due to kanye's awesome ignorance, I will not be going outside tomorrow, White people will be rioting through the streets!
@vivalablackgirl -FYI, Faux News is about to tear up Kanye's ass tomorrow! He's biggest pinhead on the O'Reilly Factor no doubt.
@vivalablackgirl -So why isnt Kanye a trending topic right now? They should just change "Twitter" to "Twanye" for the time being. lol
@ChelSiFAB -Poor girl can't even sing right... Kanye is bout to pop out that subway!
@kimmywimmy326 -I hope this Kanye/Taylor thing doesn't turn into a race issue..

Kanye West:
@jprince713 -We won't be called the "n" word no more...they gonna call us "Kanye's" [lmfao].."Fucking Kanyes"
@vivalablackgirl -Jay Leno got lucky as hell for booking Kanye tomorrow. First question: "Kanye, if you dont mind me asking, what the fuck where you thinking?"
@kimmywimmy326 -Oh snap! Kanye got booed!
@vivalablackgirl -Kanye is gonna kill EVERYBODY for booing. lol
@GramercyMe -Btw, i think kanye needs to host the vmas next year. im just sayin.

Lady Gaga:
@vivalablackgirl -Lady Gaga. WHAT THE FUCK CHILD?!
@vivalablackgirl -How much you wanna bet Lady Gaga's entire ass is out when she turns around?
@LMO4 -WTF did this hoe just get her period?! LMAO
@NicholsAccomp -I'm.........scared...............
@vivalablackgirl @NicholsAccomp -Niggy, let's get the fuck outta here. Im scared too.
@PrincessiaTavie -GAGA is Beast!
@vivalablackgirl -What the FUCK does Lady Gaga have on? She looks like a wack Easter basket!
@vivalablackgirl -I appeciate Lady Gaga for her "gay" comment. I eff with my homosexual homies!

Green Day:
@mrralph_lauren -Bad idea green day
@vivalablackgirl -The VMAs are OFFICIALLY out of fucking control.
@mrralph_lauren -I'm on staaaaaaaaaaaaaage yal see me????

@vivalablackgirl -Come on Beyonce!
@TheThinkStew -If she don't gots ALL the BOOMSNOOKUPS, I'm mad Jay gets to get in b/w her snooks and crannies, lol
@vivalablackgirl -I think alot of niggies are praying that Beyonce's boob pulls a Kanye and pops outta nowhere. lol
@PrincessiaTavie -Why that lil white girl sing in Beyonce mic sounding like that? Seriously tho!
@cierraobioha -Beyonce + red + hova sign makes me nervous. Oooo-whoops! hehe
@vivalablackgirl -Dude, if Beyonce doesnt win then my ass is jumping on stage.
@mrralph_lauren -Beyonce just brought respect to the African American race...."sigh" now I can go to class tomorrow..w out the jeaaaaalous eyes haha

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys:
@kimmywimmy326 -Does Jay-Z really need 7 cars??!
@TheThinkStew -Son Hov has been driving around for mad long, is he circling? Lol
@vivalablackgirl -I wonder how pissed Jay-Z is at Kanye right now? He's prolly gonna smack his hand down everytime he throws up the Roc. lol
@Dominek -Jay is TOO MUTHAFUCKIN KOOL.....that is it!
@LMO4 -Did alicia keys jus give any1 else chills...that woman is SINGING!
@RealWizKhalifa -Hova's vest reminds me of my couch.
@vivalablackgirl -I think Kanye's punishment was not being able to see Hov and Alicia on stage, killing it live...
@vivalablackgirl -Did Jay-Z just make dirty wash, baggy jeans and awkward leather/jean vests cool again?
@vivalablackgirl -Jay-Z must HATE this video! lmao. http://tinyurl.com/39land

Lil Mama:
@Dominek -Who is that random chick?
@Dominek -I hope that wasn't lil mama.
@NebbyNeb -Anddd why is bow wow on stage?!
@lilduval -Wat the fuck lil mama old ass doing on stage
@mrralph_lauren -Why why whyyyyyy why the fuck did Lil Mama hop on daaaaaaamn
@vivalablackgirl -Uh, am I the ONLY person still getting weak at Lil Mama?! I was like,"Uh, Lil Mama is that you?" and then broke out into laughter!
@NicholsAccomp -#lilmama's strong face ass can bench 300 with her chin!
@lilduval -Lil mama is one of the four fathers of hip hop
@lilduval -Lil mama is bow wow true mother she just never took care of her responsibilities
@lilduval -Lil mama give out old people candy during Halloween like butterscotch
@GramercyMe -I was washing my hands in the bathroom and when I looked up in the mirror Lil Mama was there posing with the t-rex face on full power. Help me.


  1. i have a feeling i'ma be fighting in every class i go to today, defending kanye's belligerent, but black, ass...

  2. yea im sure we all felt a lil tension today lol. I can't wait til they start making t-shirts about everything that happened at the VMA's lol.

  3. I know. I say we make a "Im with Kanye" t-shirt just like they did for Joe Wilson. lol

  4. LMAO!!! last night was JOKES i was watching at work via ustream and i just couldnt believe how bad twitter was poppin lol

  5. i will be first in line if those shirts ever come out haha

  6. yes Twitter was on another level last night! lol My fingers were moving at a level they hadnt yet reached til yesterday!

    And Jai I agree..we should just go head and make some shirts ourselves. I gotta own sumn VMA 2009 related lol