Betrayed by the one.

Have you ever heard someone sing and the entire time youre listening, you just look concerned?
Just like,"Damn...that's the only way I can comprehend and deal with this emotion that they are giving me."
Well thats what Justin Nozuka does for me when I hear him sing, especially live.

If I had to be like any artist, I would probably choose to be like him (or Lauryn Hill).
His voice is sickening, he has so much passion and he writes his own lyrics.
He is a beautiful, real musician and he's only 20 years old.
He definitely reminds me of a new, young Jeff Buckley (R.I.P.)

Ive been listening to Justin since 2006 or 2007 (he had a small role on DeGrassi and that's how I discovered his music, just like Drake) and sadly, he still hasnt gotten his proper shine (but the best are usually underground anyway, no?)

I dont know if Ive blogged about him in the past, but if youve never heard him sing, you should definitely listen to the first song below.
Everytime I hear "No Heaven", it takes me somewhere else.

He's sitting in a dark closet, it's live and he is going in vocally, plus the lyrics are insanity.
It's just deep, maybe a little too deep for some people.

(Read the lyrics below while you listen)

"Young brother hand me the gun
On with it, off with it
I'm burning strong like the sun
I do believe, it's time for me

It's gonna hurt, but then I'm free

And I will be in heaven, with the angels
Flying over water, I am free
There will be no darkness, no pain

And young brother right when I'm done
Follow me, so we can be together
Watch me as i put it to my head
Hold my hand, don't turn your head

Don't turn your head.

Soon i will be in heaven, with the angels
Flying over water, i am free
There will be no darkness, no pain

The pain will be gone
And the anger will be gone
The depression will be gone
Only love from everyone
Soon as i pass one

Ten, nine, eight
seven, six, five
four, three, two


Oh old brother, what have you done
Oh old brother, what have you done--

What if there's no heaven,
and you find yourself alone,
walking through a tunnel
and everyone has gone

And betrayed by the one
And you are conscious in your grave
Brother what then
If there is no heaven"

If you liked that song, check out some others by young Justin Nozuka:

P.S. When he hits his falsettos at minute 1:22 when he says,"Its gonna hurt, but then Im free" and the other at minute 1:43 when he says,"Flying over water, Im a free."....
I dont know, I cant even describe it...bliss maybe?

P.P.S. Random stuff about him:
He is only 20 years old, but turns 21 in a few days.
He's Canadian.
He's half Japanese, half white.
He comes from a musical family (some of his brothers do more R&B and they look just alike.
I thought they were triplets on DeGrassi. lol)
He's dope as hell.

P.P.P.S. Does he not look like an Asian Tom Brady? lol

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