Clap for him.

I love J. Cole.
He is truly one of my favorite artists of all time...yet he's an up and coming.
That says a lot in itself.

Anytime I can sell you guys new merchadise, I'm gonna definitely go for it.
And today, I just wanna reinerate how hard J. Cole is.

This is his verse from Jay-Z's song "Star is born"
I honestly only listen to that track because J. Cole is on it because personally, I dont really eff with the beat like that.

Anyway, this is just J. Cole.
I can't wait to see him in concert one day.



  1. i concur to the Nth power. he is really something special and i hope that someday he gets the credit due for being the amazing lyricist that he is. just not too much. i don't want him getting drake'd up or anything... he's gonna be in austin on nov. 22 (which is also my mommy's birthday lol) w/jay-z, n.e.r.d. and that other guy. i find it funny that j. cole is my number one priority in that show rather than hov lol. anywho, i hope i get to see him! *crosses fingers*

  2. Thats how I am.
    Like for BP3 I was more geeked to hear Ye' musically than I was for Jay. lol

    But I just wanna say I love our blog because we can go from J.Cole to The Beatles to Kid Cudi to Animal Collective and Kings of Leon to Peter Bjorn and John.

    we have hella diverse taste in music.lol

  3. FOXXY!: why are me and you brain twins!?

    Girl the Jay-Z concert is going to be in STL in like November i believe, and I dont give a DAMN about Jay-Z headlining lol (i mean he's good, but come on)

    I just want to see J.Cole and Wale. But ESPECIALLY J.Cole. He is also my #1 priority. But yea I swear I cant allow him to be Drake'd. I would be so hurt :/

    His lyrics are just soooo dope and I love him :)

    P.S. The day I see him in concert, is the day I lose my damn mind! lmao

  4. Jai: I know right?! It's like we're hella up on both music scenes and it's so dope. Bc we profile the "white"/"black" music..and its all new stuff or just classic euphoria.

    I love it also :)

  5. I really love J.Cole too. Such a good lyricist.