Freedom > Fear

Never forget.

So a few days ago, in Media Law, my teacher asked the question:
"Would you give up some of your freedoms for greater government protection?"

A handful of students in the class said, “Yes, I would. If it is going to protect my country then I would give up my freedom of speech."
As they said that, I immediately thought, “What the fuck? Are you serious right now?!"

When did Americans start to sit back and hand over our basic rights?
When did Americans start trusting our government without questioning it first?

There is no way in hell that I would willingly give up my basic, Constitutional rights and civil liberties just because the government says it will make us "safer".

To the people who believe the government is keeping it completely 100 with us, I'm gonna hit you with a Joey Gladstone and say,“CUT,IT,OUT!”

They aren't trying to withhold information from us because they got bored one day and decided it would “keep our relationship fresh”; they are doing it because we let them.
We are letting them get away with the illegal shit they do because we are so uninformed and naïve.
Americans are ignorant and if you don’t think the government likes it that way, then you’re bugging.
It's easier to rule an ignorant people and political ignorance threatens democracy.
Some need to remember that we, the people, control the government; they aren’t supposed to control us.
We are supposed to have the power.

I am not okay with the government administering unwarranted wire taps, suspending journalist for bogus reasons, and torturing people etc.
Also, I can’t believe people still think The Patriot Act is patriotic or better yet, acceptable.
No one should be okay with that shit.

But sadly, some Americans are more afraid of being perceived as un-American than they are of an actual terror attack.
Mark Twain said,"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."
We should be ready to defend our country against the government at all times and we put our guards down out of fear.

And yeah, everyone was afraid and paranoid after 9/11, completely understandable, but it is a punk move to get someone to scare you out of your basic rights like freedom of speech.
I’m not gonna hit you all with the, “They hate us for our freedom.” argument, but if we are so afraid that we sacrifice our liberty for safety, then the terrorist won.

Besides, if the government keeps taking away our rights and being unconstitutional, what are we fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan anyway?

But honestly, I just don’t know how we got here.
How did we get to this place where the media gets away with telling us complete lies and where people actually believe them, where people are afraid of the word “social” and “progressive”, where parents pull their kids out of school because the president wants to tell them to "do good and succeed", and where “You lie!” turns into a slogan for casual wear?

Sometimes I wish Americans would get a little European because when they don’t agree with something their government does, they let it be known and get to protesting.
The government is afraid of their people and it's not like that in America anymore.
We lost that revolutionary shit in the 60s along with good music and Afros.

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve either one." -Benjamin Franklin

Preach Ben, preach.

P.S. Contrary to what that dude in the back of my Media Law class thinks, Bush and his administration did have some prior knowledge and warning of 9/11.

P.P.S. Can you imagine all the stuff that will be revealed about the Bush administration in 20 years?
People are already airing his dirty laundry.
Like how they purposely raised the terror levels before elections to scare people into voting for Conservatives.

P.P.P.S. As my blog gets shut down by "accident" and I'm on a terroist watch list...lol

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