He's getting big headed.

Of course Sam Sparro is that nigga.
Ive been putting my friends on Sam Sparro for what seems like a few years now.
Everyone loves "Black and Gold"even if they aren't into the whole Euro-pop music thing.

Anyways, I like this video alot-alot ("Parent Trap" anyone?) and Sam's voice is sick as usual:

But something about that video reminds me of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse".
Wasn't there some character with a normal sized head and a little body on that show?

P.S. Cover art is dope, no?


  1. omg!.. i love this guy his voice is dope "sick" & "cottonmouth" are 2 of my fav songs by him

  2. Isnt he dope as hell?!
    I swear, Americans need to step our game up because these white Brits and Australians are kicking our ass sounding HELLA ethnic. lol
    "Sick" is my cut too.

    P.S. You have good taste in music "Two L's".
    I saw that "Twice" by Little Dragon on your playlist and I love that song.
    I was just listening to it on my way to school this morning. :)

  3. lol. I know right!

    and thanks!.. like wise. I always tend to come here and get me a little music fix from "Music Mondays" =]