It's a whole lot of drunk white women for everybody.

Why is Pretty Ricky the "go to" group for nonsense?
They never disappoint!

Please watch:

These were my thoughts during the video:
1. The new group member's name is Lingerie?...Enough said.
2. Why is he calling out all the drunk white women?
3. Slick'Em=SMH.
4. Who is this thirsty friend behind the camera?
5. How long is Slick'Em gonna imaginarily hold somebody in the air by their neck?
6. His "baby mama's" should be ashamed! I'm gonna name them Becky and Shay.
(Sterotypical?..very lol)
7. Who laugh's when a man tells you to "turn around and touch them G-Damn toes"?
8. :/ (At about 3:40)
9. Please close your mouth! I can see all your cavities.
10. #Fail...in general!


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  1. something is wrong with Pretty Ricky!! lol