King like T.I., but in the Chi, Larry.

1) That nigga acts like he doesnt know he's at his own "exciting" video shoot.
2) He pronounces "Stop! Strike a pose." like "Shhhtop! Strike a pose."
3) They "got that glow" at minute 2:08.
4) The girls in the video are extremely uh, wack.
- One chick was wearing a yellow fishnet, duty whine shirt.
- One had plaid pajama bottoms on.
- Another looks like a fish, caught in all white fishnet.
5) He's got "black Beyonces, white Beyonces, Ricky, Felicia, Ashley, Pink, Paris...PRETTY GIRL!"
6) They jocked atleast 2 songs ("Sexy Lady" and "Get Me Bodied").
7) It was directed by the great #1 Stunna Reese who's email address is marcuslee82@yahoo.com

P.S. I'm probably gonna sing this song everytime I pick up a camera now.
Looking like,"Shhhtop! Strike a pose. Pose, freeze, pose, freeze..."
Damn. lol

P.P.S. Does his camera not look wack to yall? lol

P.P.P.S. "Pretty girl! Is this about to become a Chicago Larry dance?"
I dont know, but time will tell Larry. lol

P.P.P.P.S. If you cant remember where he's from, five words: "For the Love of Ray-J"


  1. wow that was 100% niggerish! lol

    If i was on that video shoot, and for some reason didnt know it was trash at the mere sight of Chicago Larry...I surely would have figured it out once they hit play.

    You could not pay me to act like that song was tight lol. Or make me think that bc I was in the video, that made it hot..come on now!