Last one...

RT @cooltweetgame The thing about #lilmamais she been doin this longer than us all...

And here are some of my other favorite Lil Mama photos...

The Lil Mama incident was the funniest ish on earth to me so I had to put this up!
I'm gonna try to hold back from posting anymore Lil Mama related stuff on here, but dang can you blame me? lol

P.S. As I said in this post, Jay-Z must hate this video! lol
-Chris Brown beat the hell out of his "lil sis" Rihanna.
-T-Pain went off on Jay in Vegas about being elderly etc.
-Lil Mama crashed his dope performance with her strong, dinosaur face.
Oh well, Jay is always gonna have "Hate"rs.

P.P.S. If yall find some thoer funny ones can yall PLEASE post the link on here so I can laugh and update this post?!

P.P.P.S. Looks like LMo got in on the action. lol
Shout out to @kimmywimmy326