Mama said knock you out.

So after I graduate, I plan on going to Pharmacy School.

But there's a problem...and his name is motha flippin PCAT!

To get into most all of the schools, you have to take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), but its hard as hell!

I'm studying for it right now, and on top of 19 credit hours, I'm so drained!

If i could literally fight the PCAT, I would. lol
I just wanted to express to you all how I feel right now.

Example 1:
Go to :46 seconds.
The baby is me and the mom is the PCAT.

Example 2:
Me: Lady in black jacket
PCAT: Lady in red

Example 3:
Feel free to watch this video as many times as you need to! It will never lose an ounce of funny.
Me:Crazy little boy
(Skip to a 1:57 to get straight to it)

Example 4:
Me: Michael Cera
PCAT: boob

I'll end things with these videos...

This is how I feel now:
Me: Big girl
PCAT: bull

Clearly the bull won lol.

And this is hopefully what I will be doing when it's over:
(this is actually me lol)

P.S. Jai is the weirdo that is laughing!



  1. no lie pharmacy was my big plan..but after undergrad and realizing i suck at standardized tests i opted to grad school [the easy way out]...i hope i wont regret it....good luck kid

  2. Um, PLEASE forgive me for that weak ass laugh.
    Why do my expressions of joy sound like death squeals? lol

  3. P.S. All these videos are hilarious!
    Ive never seen the big girl flipping off the bull (way to represent sister!) lol
    I could watch that sit ALLLLLL day! lol

    And that angry black child...oy ve! lol

  4. Chelsea:Girl, these standardized tests are a mess! Trust me, if I dont do well...I will be right wit u in grad school. lol

    Jai:haha yea lol..these vids were random as hell but they tickled me til i was a bright pink color lol.

  5. also Jai why did that big girl flip SOOOO slowly lol. That cracked me up! And the way that child squeeled when he was in the air was comedy!