Music Mondays. 9.14.09

1) Exercise "Tail Feather"
I discovered this band about 3 weeks ago and I love them!
A few days after listening to them, I found out they are actually from St.Louis and they have some free shows coming up.
Click here to listen to their songs and when to check this dope band out.

2) Doobie Brothers "What a Fool Believes"
I love this song!
Michael McDonald is that nigga (literally, his vocal chords are African-American) and he's from St.Louis!

3) Kid Cudi feat. MGMT and Ratatat "Pursuit of Happiness"
Kid Cudi's new album is so egregious in the best way possible!
And he's from the mid-West so I gos-ta show love.
Oh and why does the dude on the intro to this video sound like a wack Arnold Schwarzenegger? lol


1) Trey Songz-"Black Roses"

2) Wiz Khalifa "Favorite Show"
I love this song.
Wiz sampled one of my favorite John Legend songs "Another Again" and it turned out so tight!
And shout out to Wiz!
We kicked it this weekend, he's cool as hell.
(I keep forgetting to put up pics and vids of the first time we met him but I will soon)

3) Wiz Khalifa "B.A.R"


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