Music Mondays. 9.7.09

Sorry, I'm late, but...
I'm going to dedicate Music Monday to my favorite band, The Beatles.
(which is really effin hard b/c I have some good new music like that sick Cudi record, ow)
But The Beatles Rock Band release has me in a tizzy.
Even though A.Samp lives all the way in ATL and I live in the STL area, I think he should still buy it even if he doesnt like The Beatles.
It would make me happy knowing that I could have a possibility of playing it someday. lol

"The Beatles 1" was one of the first albums I ever purchased and I still love it, plus John Lennon was a revolutionary.

1) The Beatles-"Eleanor Rigby"
This is my favorite Beatles song!
Check out this dope reggae mashup with the tune...

2) The Beatles-"Come Together"

3) The Beatles-"Strawberry Fields Forever"

4) The Beatles-"Revolution"

1) Jay-Z feat. Kid Cudi-"Already Home"
I love Cudi on this track!

2) The Roots feat. Wale and Chrisette Michele-"Rising Up"


  1. I love The Beatles! "Come Together" is my fav song. not because of all the rock band commercials lol. I heard MJ's cover then found theres and fell in love with it

  2. Yeah MJ's cover killed it!
    I shoulda put it up here too because he did that song JUSTICE!