Nut up or shut up.

I think yall already know I feel about zombies.
And if you dont, read this post.
It's like the favorite one Ive ever written because the subject is so near and dear to my heart.

Anywho, I cant wait to see "Zombieland".
Everyone is like,"Man,this movie is gonna be hella stupid!"
Well you know what I say to that,"No sir. Youre hella stupid."
(I will call them "sir" regardless if theyre male or female, just to add extra disrespect)

I just cant see this movie not being good.
Comedy + zombies + killing zombies = Entertainment!
I think it's gonna be somewhere along the lines of another "Shaun of the Dead".

Plus, Ive thought of another equation:
Micheal Cera + Joe Jonas = Jesse Eisenberg
Am I lying? lol
So basically two Italian dudes equal one Jewish kid; go figure. lol

P.S. Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake were just cast as leads in the new Facebook movie.
Shooting starts next month in Boston.


  1. so why did i think that was micheal cera to begin with lol?1 thats hella funny bc your equation is perfect! but yea i also really want to see this movie. i think its gonna be funny

  2. This movie is gonna be the shiznit... my man and i are waiting impatiently!

  3. I know that was the best equation Ive come up with in life. lol
    I cant wait to see it man!

  4. shaun of the dead is my favorite zombie of ALL TIME! this movie looks like it's gonna be fan-damn-tastic too.

  5. I just love Shaun of the Dead! Im buying it this weekend! LOL

  6. So i watched the movie and it was hilarious. LOL. How did you end up liking it?

    I don't know how i came across this post again, i was the anonymous who commented above, lol.