Only believers in death will die.

So I thought I did a post about this movie last year, but I cant find it so...
Let's discuss the end of the world, shall we?
(as R.E.M's "End of the World" plays in your head)

I am interested in conspiracy theories, but the 2012, end of the world theory really gets my wheels turning.
Ive watched programs and read countless articles and blogs about the theory and shit is mad crazy B!
Basically, according to Mayan civilization (who were smart as fuck!), the end of the world will come December 21, 2012.
It is based around their thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar which ends, you guessed it, 12.21.12.
And it doesn't help that Nostradamus and many other great thinkers and philosophers also had similar prophesies.
Whether the world ends or not, the earth is supposed to see "great change and shift" in 2012.
You can read up on the subject here or watch it here if you like.

I know the world has to end sometime and a few generations will be "cut short", but if I'm a ripe 25 years old when it does end, I will be slightly pissed.

I have a list of things I want to accomplish before I die.
Like can I please...
...travel this crazy world?
...learn a few languages?
...fall in love?
...have sex mu' fugga?
...pop out a kid or two?

Last year I even started planning one of the trips on my list of "must visit destinations".
If I can get my money right, I'll be in Brasil for New Years 2010-2011 because if I dont give my offerings to Iemanj√° while wearing a sexy white number, mama is gonna be angry. lol

But if anything, this theory pushes me to live more for today.
So, I'm trying.

But if you would like to be further freaked out, please watch this ridiculously dope trailer for what is to be a ridiculously dope movie "2012".

P.S. What do you think will happen?
Is it the end or just another crazy shopping day before the holidays hit?

P.P.S. Also, why is it that in damn near every "end of the world" movie, a black man is president?
Are you trying to tell us something?
If you elect a black man, shit is getting shut down? lol

P.P.P.S. I also really believe that Obama could be the anti-Christ (even though I am a diehard Obama supporter) so yeah, him being in office doesn't leave me all warm and fuzzy when it comes to 2012.

P.P.P.P.S. I guess this post is perfect timing being that the number two trending topic on Twitter is: #luciferiscoming.
And I had no idea.


  1. frightening, but absolutely believable. could be another y2k, could be the real thing... as you pointed out though, we can't do anything but live for TODAY.

  2. i thought once or twice about obama being anti-christ...but I hope that God wouldn't let us be so easily persuaded by the anti-christ...as far as 2012 i will be 25 and mad too...i dont kno what to believe but as the time approaches...i will pray and pray. But i will continue to live life happily until then. (But if it does end I wish i could do more than be in grad school) i wanna accomplish something before leaving this place

  3. Yeah, there is nothing we can do but live life for today.
    And I'll be in grad school too and I'll be pissed if I spent all this time in school and wasnt able to apply it to getting a real job.
    Dang. lol