So you just gon freestyle over the beat?

Lil motha freakin Mama, why must you entertain me so?

I think its hilarious that she thought it was ok to do this freestyle.
Like it was gonna make Jay-Z feel better or something.

Go ahead and check out this tom-foolery:

Since when does Lil Mama have a twitter?
And why didn't she stand up for herself during all that #lilmamais madness?

And this is what Jay-Z had to say about Lil Mama during his Angie Martinez radio interview:



  1. she's offically lost her dang mind

  2. Im from Brooklyn, SON....

    I'll be happy when ABDC runs its course and we get to see what other shenanigans Lil Mama can get herself into.

    P.S. She was probably tweeting about herself under the twitter alias @bowwow614.

  3. hahahaha

    Why she smile after she said,"Im from Brooklyn, son!"?
    Like that was cool or something. lol

    Her rap was cool but it's still funny as hell no matter what.

    And @bowwow614 lol

  4. how is lil mama still in the public eye... if it wasn't for that dance show on mtv, she would be working at starbucks making chai latte's... fuck outta here with the lame shit! however, i must admit she is good for a laugh...

  5. I agree also: soooo good for a laugh! lol
    She just sounded so silly wit the Brooklyn Son crap. She so proud...smh! lol

  6. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! I can't take it. That's got to be embarassing!!!!!! No. One. Asked. You. To. Stand. Up. On. Someone. Else's. Time!! I'm glad Jay-Z came out and said he was angry with the shenanans, but I too am ready for ABDC to be over to see what she'll get into next 8)