because you listen to Coldplay.
because you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. 
because you do the stanky-leg a little too well.
because you wear color contacts.
because you drank out of that canned soda from a straw.
because "no homo" is your go-to phrase.
because you know how to double-dutch.
because youre afraid to hang out with gay dudes and you said,"Man,what if they think I'm gay?"
because NeNe from Real Housewives of ATL is "Your bitch!"
because you wear hoops and/or dangly earrings.
because you arent subscribed to The Clearance Aisle.
because you were standing in line at midnight to cop the new Trey Songz cd.
because you are still rocking braids.
because your feet are looking like this:<-- Am I lying?! lol 
because you have baby hair. 
because you wear clear nail polish.  
because you can decipher Victoria Secret bodysprays on first whiff. 
because u know the difference between skinny leg and straight leg jeans! (RT: AllStar094)
because you called out Trey Songz, Omarion and Bow-Wow for a "challenge".
because you have a tongue ring.
because you watched "Gay, Straight or Taken?
because you said,"That's fancy!" lmao @LMO4
because you were mad when your sister got to be the pink Power Ranger.
because you said,"Hey girl heyyyy!"


is the longest rending topic name! lol
you can tell me my dress size just by eyeballing it
you know the words to Milkshake by Kelis
because you drop it like its hott with no music. lol
because you're the only boy that works at Forever 21. lol
your name is Sisqo or Nokio lol (used 2 love those guys too)
you have a tatoo around your belly button/belly button ring 
because u got one of the leads in High School Musical
because you have a wedgie in any pair of pants u put on. lol
because u're offended by this trending topic
because you're in my male anatomy class. lol
you're the only boy in a group of heavyset females.


because u dutty whined at your wedding...
because you're rocking the Just For Me kit in ur mohawk
because u never workout in the gym you just spot people and take showers...
because you talk with a lisp.
that tattoo on ur lower back gave it away.
because u went to see a chick flick on the opening day of Dark Knight.
because u the captain of the step team and yall always popping in the routines.
cuz when the game came on ur tivo start recording Real Housewives of Atl
because you got a LG Voyager with a rose in the background.
because you wore a T-shirt in the pool like you got titties...
you drive an Eclipse... Not a unisex car at all...
because you wore a T-shirt in the pool like you got titties...

P.S. @summermce is this dude that Leslie and I follow. 
Niggy is hilarious.


  1. you know how I know you gay? your name on facebook is nicholas minaj

  2. lmao.
    Who would do such a thing?
    Is that forreal?