Brand new flavor for your ears.

There is only one thing I love more then finding quality music and that's being hipped to quality music.
I just want to continue with this on-going theme of dope music on The Clearance Aisle so, let us continue...

My little brother, Brad (below) has the dopest taste in music!
He is always calling me like,"Jessica...Have you heard of (insert dope band here)? Well get to a computer now and listen to this."
And once again, those Leo ears of his have not failed me.

This new Danish band, Mew, is uh-muh-fuckin-mazing!
I have always said that the Europeans kick our ass when it comes to music and they continue to do so.
Listen to all this shit...all the way through, seriously. (especially the first track)
(Or else a dead 7-year-old girl with red hair will be under your bed tonight and she'll eat your kidney. And you need both of them mugs, fuck what you heard. lol)

A few of my favorites:
"Introducing Palace Players"

"Tricks of the Trade"

"Silas the Magic Car"


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