Halloween x "This Is It" =

List of "Things to Do Before I Die":
#65-Learn the "Thriller" dance.

Happy Halloween everyone!

This entire weekend is gonna be the un-jealouus!
It's gonna be like...
Homecoming part II x 2008 Halloween
(click here to see pics from last year's Halloween party!)

My cousin Jennifer and our homegirl Jessica came up from ATL!
Plus, LMo, Hanna and Jezo are coming back from Como!

Yesterday we went to Brad's house for game night aka chilled and watched "Fade to Black" and get my mind ba-lown by the awesomeness of Jay-Z. (*forgive me for my tardiness)
And tonight, we are going to a Halloween House Party!

But everyone...
Follow these directions:
1) Stay safe.
2) Have fun.
3) Treat some tricks! (cause they deserve getting treated, lol)

P.S. So what is everyone gonna be tonight?
Im going as a chola!

...and LMo is going as Nicki Minaj!
(butt pads and all)

So basically we are gonna have ALOT of funny ass pics and videos for yall to laugh at!

P.P.S. I say Ivery and my little brother, Brad, finish out the Young Money fam and go as Wayne and Drake. lol


  1. omfg it wouldv been hilarious is they were Wayne and Drake!!! next year! lol

  2. Lol @ LMo going as Nicki Minaj!

  3. Man, just wait until you see the rap videos.
    So classic...lol