iLike. 10.6.09

About a year and a half ago I created a photo album called "iLike" on Facebook.
(Yes, that was way before Facebook even had an "iLike" button) lol
Anywho, alot of people seem to like it, therefore Im starting an "iLike" section on
The Clearance Aisle.

It will feature some fashion ish, some inspirational ish and alot of random, wierd ish...
I hope uLike it.

Kiss of light.
Do what the sign says and no one gets hurt.
(actually the exact opposite)
Junior Gong.
This brought me immense joy.
Who does this kinda ish? lol

She's way to cool for 7th seventh grade.
Bad to the bone.
Oldies but goodies.
Had my eyes on these suckas for a year.
Another old shirt.
Shout out to Stew who was rocking it this summer.
Nigga, get.me.this.ahora!

Stud muffin.

The end.

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