Kandi Burris' Ex-Fiance AJ killed

Ashley Jewell aka A.J., the reported ex-fiance of former Xscape member, Kandi Burruss, star of the reality television show ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was killed last night (Friday, October 2, 2009) after suffering injuries from a blow to the head allegedly inflicted during a fight in Atlanta.

A.J. Jewell ex-fiance of Kandi Burruss suffered a severe head injury from a fight at Body Tap in Atlanta, Georgia. A.J. Jewell was rushed from the club which is located at 1271 Marietta Blvd to Piedmont Hospital, according to sources.
Jewell would later be pronounced dead from his severe injuries to the head according to authorities.
Police are still reportedly seeking the suspects in the death , possible murder , of A.J. Jewell.

-previous passages written by J.R. of HipHoprx.com

I swear we just can't rid ourselves of these senseless deaths.
First Derrion Albert and now this.

Regardless of age, it never ends.
This is so silly black people.
What ever happened to uplifting one another!?

All of this fighting has to end!!

R.I.P. AJ..
I know he has a huge family so my prayers go out to them and Kandi.



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