Mad decent.

I heard this song during the 2009 MTV VMAs and went crazy trying to find.
And last week, I finally did!
If this song doesn't make you hit a dutty-whine, then I don't know what will. lol

I present "Hold the Line" by Major Lazer.

And the video reminds me of this hilarious old G.I. Joe clip!

P.S. That G.I. Joe video only reminds me of my brother Brad aka a fellow Leo with prolly the dopest music taste ever.
We used to walk around saying "Yeah, but I got first dibs on it." all weird like that boy a few years back. haha

P.S.S. If you like what you hear, listen to this dope compilation for Major Lazer tunes.

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  1. this video reminds me of thunder cats for some reason...i like it