Music Mondays. 10.12.09

1) Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better"
Gangsta white girl. (check)
Catchy lil diddy. (check)
Sexually charged "I dont give a mutha-fugg that I have vagina. I want to get some too." lyrics.(check)

2) Sergio Mendes "Magalenha"
In order to celebrate Latino Heritage Month (eventhough Brasilains technically are not Latino, but whatever, lol) I'm putting up my favorite samba song ever!
The Afro-Brasilian beat is crazy and if it doesnt make you shake your ace then well, I dont even know who are anymore. haha

And Kat DeLuna did a dope "cover" of this song called "Dance Bailalo":

3) NERD "Am I High"
Just because...lol
"Meow, Meow."-Dale (as Leslie and I burst into laughter and continue to agree that we need someone to record our lives, lol)

4) Wale ft. Colin Monroe "Bittersweet"
Who doesnt like the original "Bittersweet" by The Verve?
It's a classic, period. (and prob. one of the most epic songs of the 90s besides "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana etc.)
Wale and Colin Monroe (dope Canadian artist/producer who dropped a quality mixtape that you should check out) re-vamped the cut and they did pretty darn good.
Cant wait to hear this mastered...

5) Robin Thicke "Sex Therapy"
Because everyone loves a sexy lil' song (especially during "boo season" aka fall/winter).

1) Mariah Carey- "Betcha Gon Know"
As soon as "The Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" comes on, this is what you are greeted with!
I just love this song, because she was dope at making u feel what she was going through.

"I'ma la la la la la laugh, right in ya face boy!"

2) Mariah Carey- "Ribbon"
I love this song.
If you have a boo, you will surely think of him/her when u hear this
Really, if you haven't considered getting the album, you clearly have some reconsidering to do! lol.

3) Wyclef "Born a Shotta"
Very chill song.
Guitar= proper

4) Noisettes "Never Forget You"
She has the dopest, unique voice.
Plus she's cute as a button.
Also Wale and Estelle were featured here on their song "Don't Upset the Rhythm."

5) Wale "Fly Away"
Can Wale do any wrong? lol.
The beat makes me nautious: so sick!


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