Music Mondays. 10.26.09

1) Mew-"Introducing Palace Players"
I blogged about this saucy group last week.
Ive been listening to this song non-stop for about a week and I'm still not at my,"let me slow down before I get tired of this song and I dont want that because I love it too much" phase.
Im telling you, at minute 0:54, it is nothing less than euphoria.
It's like "Edward Scissorhands" in music form yall.

2) The Clipse feat. Pharrell and Camron-"Popular Demand"
As they continue to drop quality music...
(and speak the truth on chicken relations because if you aint fucking with Popeye's chicken, we have a problem.)

3) V.I.C-"Beat Dat"
It was kinda a problem when this song came on Saturday.
Mizzou Homecoming 2009 was one for the record books.

4) Travis Porter-"Turnt Up"
Another homecoming 2009 favorite.
We were turnt up, but high-key, someone should turnt our asses down; we were some fools.

5) Weezer ft. Lil Wayne (?)-"Cant Stop Partying"
Not because I like the song, but because I have to pose the question,"When did Weezer start fucking with niggas like Lil Wayne?"
They took it there and they really need to bring it back.
In the words of Weezer,"say it aint soooo!"

6) Wilco-"You Are My Face"
Give this song a chance.
It starts off kinda slow, but I swear when that song change hits at minute 1:29 and that guitar comes in, it lowkey makes me hit that ugly, John Mayer guitar face cause it's that funky to me. lol
So rock 'n' roll.


1) Laze & Royal-"Here I Go Again"
...produced by Kanye West

2) V.I.C.-"Say Bow"
For the craziness of homecoming 2009!

3) Drake-"Beautiful Music"

4) Lil' Wayne-"Swag Surfin" freestyle
Wayne killed this!

5) Soulja Boy feat. Drake-"Playball"
Drake's verse goes hard!



  1. Is it me or is VIC totally swagger jacking Yung LA's flow. The track even features someone named J futuristic. What doesn Yung LA call himself: Mr. Futuristic. He even references futuristic swag. And the beat sounds like he stole it from Soulja Boy

  2. Yeah he def. does sound like Yung LA!
    But V.I.C. made a come up aka he apparently came up from Yung LA's "futuristic flow". lol