Phony bologna.

Leslie and I were talking about Nicki Minaj last week.
We arent fans of her music or anything, but Ive seen her in an interview and she seems pretty decent.
But we were talking about how we KNOW her ass is fake!
There is no way that she's been around for a minute and people are just now starting to create a ruckus around her "thickness".

It has to be a fruad.
Just like most women in Hollywood...
fake boobs on deck
fake butt on deck
fake hair on deck
make-up on deck
stylist on deck
(and then some men expect "real women" to look like them all the time, pu-lease, lol)

Anyway, I ran across this video of Nicki Minaj and her fake thickness:

P.S. I still firmly stand by my old Twitter:
@vivalablackgirl If I ever refer to myself as a "Harajuku Barbie", I give you permission to punch me in the head.


  1. this makes me kinda sad... she was my current girl crush. my dreams are shattered lol
    but i do completely agree with you about how ridiculous men are to believe that we can look like THAT on our own. i reiterate: pu-lease!

  2. LOL A big fat, Stephanie Tanner,"Pu-lease!" lol

  3. Hold up, Stephanie Tanner only said,"How rude!" right? lol
    Im trippin. ha.

  4. Saddest part is that she probably wouldn't be as popular if she didn't buy all those new body parts... It's like people won't even respect your talent unless you're sexually attractive, not to say she is talented... Buying ass and tits was probably nothing more than investing in her career! The vast majority of consumers won't fuck with a female artist unless she is fuckable! Look at Angie stone, she made some great music but her lack of fuckability hindered her success.......

  5. Yea its surely sad that women feel the need to get all that work done just to do something that should be all about natural talent anyway. Its so hypocritical to me. She just wants to be a sex symbol. And I can't even take her all the way seriously bc she talks as if her being a sex symbol was a complete surprise to her..when in actuality, her bighead got plastic surgery and butt pads to be like that. Its just silly to me. She would be realler if she just fessed up.

    Furthermore, after 2 minutes of hearing her voice, Im done listening lol. Its mad annoying.